Samrudhi Global, site Which gives technical analysis Indian stock Market, Samrudhi Global has been promoted by a team of technical analyst. We are here to try our best to with clear objective of providing Day Traders and Investors with some basic knowledge and guidance about trading through some high affordability.

We always believes in consistency rather than history. We always keep our team ahead by providing sufficient and accurate knowledge so as to keep our investors well updated on the same and minimize the risk involved on their investments. we can help you with the complete process of identifying a potential trade, entering into that trade, riding the trade and booking profits at the end of that trend. This together with our built in risk & money management system will help any trader or investor extract maximum profits from the markets.

Our view is to do deep research before investing our hard earned money, opportunities are always there in markets just keep patience and invest only after complete analysis of the company`s fundamentals & balance sheet.No need to follow any one blindly.

During Intraday, always buy or sell one rupee high or low at the support or resistance level and then place the stop loss at half % and book half to 1% profit – that’s good profit in intraday during few minutes only. Never allow your emotions to rule your trading.

In order to day trade successfully, you must develop a trading plan (subject to any changes to it that you feel may be necessary from time to time) and consistently stick to such plan.