INFOSYS Financial Result for the Year Ended March 31,2019


 FY 19 revenues grew by 7.9% in USD; 9.0% in constant currency
 FY 19 operating margin at 22.8%
 Q4 19 revenues grew year-on-year by 9.1% in USD; 11.7% in constant currency
 Q4 19 revenues grew sequentially by 2.4% in USD; 2.1% in constant currency
 Q4 19 Digital revenues at $1,035 million (33.8% of total revenues), year-on-year growth of 41.1% and sequential growth of 9.7% in constant currency
 Announces final dividend of Rs.10.50 per share
 FY 20 revenue guidance in the range of 7.5%-9.5% in constant currency
 FY 20 Operating margin guidance in the range of 21%-23%

*For the Quarter ended March 31, 2019*

• Revenues were $3,060 million, growth of 9.1% YoY and 2.4% QoQ

• Operating profit was $658 million, decline of 5.1% YoY and 2.6% QoQ

• Basic EPS was $0.13, growth of 1.6% YoY and 15.5% QoQ

*For the Year ended March 31, 2019*

• Revenues were $11,799 million, growth of 7.9% YoY

• Operating profit was $2,696 million, growth of 1.4% YoY

• Basic EPS was $0.51, decline of 8.2% YoY

*Management Comments*:-

“We had another quarter of over $1.5 bn large deal TCV in Q4, as a result of which FY 19 TCV doubled over FY 18. Realization per billed employee was steady which reflects increasing usage of automation in core services and faster growth in newer digital services”, said Pravin Rao, COO. “Overall attrition remains high and we are continuing our focus on arresting the same.”

“Cash generation in FY 19 was strong and Dividend Per Share increased by 4.5%. During the quarter, we completed the payout of special dividend in January and initiated the share buyback program,” said Nilanjan Roy, CFO. “We had another quarter of forex gains thanks to our proactive hedging strategy.”

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