Hi-Tech Pipes Result Second Quarter 2018

Q2 FY19 vs. Q2 FY18 Highlights:

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• Net volume is 65,947 mt in Q2 FY 19, as against 60,823 mt in Q2 FY18, a YoY growth of 8% over corresponding quarter, driven by increase in capacity utilization.

• Net Revenue from operations is Rs. 339.40 crore in Q2 FY19, as against Rs. 252.49 crore in Q2 FY18, a YoY growth of 34%, mainly on account of increase in steel prices, better product mix and higher volumes.

• EBITDA stood at Rs. 18.80 crore in Q2 FY19 as against Rs. 16.72 crore in Q2 FY18, YoY growth of 12%, mainly on account of better operational efficiencies, expansion in higher profitable markets of West (Sanand, Gujarat) and South
(Hindupur, Andhra Pradesh) and increase in sale of value added products.

EBITDA per ton in Q2 FY 19 stood at Rs. 2,851, as against of Rs.2,748 in Q2 FY 18, a YOY Increase of Rs. 4%.

• Profit after Tax is Rs. 6.62 in Q2 FY19 as against Rs. 6.43 crore in Q2 FY18, YoY growth of 3%.

• Basic EPS is Rs. 6.19 in Q2 FY19 as against of Rs. 6.24 in Q2 FY18, YoY growth of (1%).

H1 FY19 vs. H1 FY18 Highlights:

• Net Revenue from the operations stood at Rs. 660.90 crore in H1 FY19, as against Rs. 454.34 crore in the H1 FY18, a tremendous YoY growth of 45%.

• EBITDA stood at Rs. 36.24 crore in H1 FY19 as against Rs. 29.97 crore in H1 FY18, significant growth of 21% YoY.

• EBITDA per ton in H1 FY 19 was at Rs 2877crore as against Rs 2739 crore in H1 FY 18, a YoY growth of 5%.

• Profit After Tax is Rs. 13.14crore in H1 FY19 as compared to Rs. 10.68 crore in H1 FY18, excellent YoY growth of 23%.

• Basic EPS was at Rs. 12.34 in H1 FY 19, YoY growth of 19%.