SOUTH INDIAN BANK Financial Result for the Quarter Ended December 31,2018

Published On: January 20th 2019 at 5:56 PM

The South Indian Bank Limited (the Bank) provides retail and corporate banking, Para banking activities, such as debit card, third-party product distribution, in addition to Treasury and Foreign Exchange Business.The Bank has a network of approximately 830 branches, approximately 40 extension counters and approximately 1,290 automated teller machines (ATMs) in India.

  •  Net Profit were Rs.83.85 Cr versus Rs.115.00 Cr (Y-o-Y)
  • Interest Earned were Rs.1,735.16 Cr versus Rs.1,576.96 Cr (Y-o-Y)
  • Total Income stood at Rs.1,921.93 Cr versus Rs.1,735.77 Cr (Y-o-Y)
  •  Provisions and Contingencies were Rs.203.12 Cr versus Rs.,154.28 Cr (Y-o-Y)
  •  Gross NPA were 4.88% versus 3.40% (Y-o-Y)
  •  Net NPA were 3.54% versus 2.35% (Y-o-Y)
  •  ROA were 0.39% versus 0.58% (Y-o-Y)

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