UBL Result Second Quarter 2018

united breweries ltd ublUBL achieved good performance across the business with volume and pricing growth, favorable mix and fixed cost efficiencies.

Most key markets reported strong growth with the exception of West Bengal and Mumbai, primarily due to higher consumer prices. The Excise Policy changes in Uttar Pradesh resulted in more outlets contributing to overall industry growth.

Regional performances for the first six months of the year:

 In the North, UBL saw significant volume growth in Rajasthan and Haryana whilst volumes in Delhi remained flat.

 In the South region, UBL registered double digit volume growth in all States except Andhra Pradesh where growth was marginal.

 Growth in the East was driven by Orissa while volume continued to decline in West Bengal.

In the West, Rest of Maharashtra and Goa saw single digit volume growth, whereas Daman and Chhattisgarh grew volume double digit.

Performance Highlights

 YTD Volume growth of 14% compared with industry growth of 11%.

 YTD Net sales increased by 15%, EBITDA by 35%, PBT grew by 52%.

 Q2 Volume growth of 17%, Net sales increased by 19% and EBITDA by 44%.