United bank of India Result Second Quarter 2018

 Total Business nearing two lakh crores as on 30th Sept’18 at Rs.196807 crores.

CASA continues to show increasing trend at 49.23% as on 30th Sept’18.

 Net lnterest lncome grew by 17.24% on y-o-y basis and Non Interest lncome by 20.76% on Q-o-Q basis.

 Deposit up by 2.89% on y-o-y basis
 Loan book decreased by 2,53% on y-o-y basis because of shrinking of Corporate Loan Book by 7.33% on y-o-y basis.

 Retail focus helped in increasing the portfolio by 15.19% on y-o-y basis.

Gross NPA reduced by 141 bps on Y-o-Y.

 PCR has improved by 319 bps on Q-o-Q basis and 269 bps on y-o-y basis.

 NIM has increased by 50 bps on y-o-y basis.

Net Loss for the quarter ls RS.883 crores mainly on account of higher provisioning.