V2 RETAIL Financial Result for the Quarter Ended December 31,2018

V2 Retail Limited is a retail company. The Company is engaged in the business of retail sales of garments, textiles, accessories and consumer durables products in India.The Company offers a portfolio of products, including apparel and non-apparel. It sells ready-made and other consumer goods, such as footwear, toys, games, handbags, cosmetics, home furnishing, decor product and sports items. It has 27 stores in India, out of which four are in Delhi- National Capital Region, 11 in Bihar, six in Uttar Pradesh, two in Odisha, and one each in Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Karnataka and Assam.

 Net Profit were Rs.23.59 Cr versus Rs,13.66 Cr (Y-o-Y)

 Revenue from Operation were Rs,241.07 Cr versus Rs,152.35 Cr (Y-o-Y)

 Total Revenue stood at Rs.243.39 Cr versus Rs.153.27 Cr (Y-o-Y)